IoT solution for building control

IoT Wired Link is committed to making building control a reality, available to all budgets. We take advantage of the new technologies for providing dynamic and seamless solutions divided by modules, which can be adapted depending on the costumer needs. Each module provides value for its own, but also sets synergies among the rest of modules, boosting the control capabilities.

Industrial & Home

The solutions we offer are suitable from large, complex and interconnected companies to standard individual homes.

Open source

The staff of IoT Wired firmly believes with all the benefits that the Open Source material provides, such as the agility, transparency and profitability.

On Cloud

Our services are offered via standard and well-known cloud providers. Specific private cloud solutions can also be implemented for industrial purposes.


Control solutions need to be easily adapted to existing buildings, instead of requiring from specific and expensive infrastructure.


Our modular structure is suitable for those who need progressive and/or updated control layer.

  Industrial Automations

Reduce the energy spend increasing the safety and staff confort.

Home Automations

Keep your house, efficient, secure and ready for the future

Meet our team!

IoT Wired Link brings the control of your building in your pocket, gathering all the modules and their synergies in a unique multiplatform web system available everywhere.

Octavi Pavon

Founder - CTO

With a distributed systems and HPC background, during the last years he has been focused on cloud computing architecture oriented for IoT applications, including virtualization, data analysis, security and communication protocols.

Victor Ruiz


This hardware engineer and electronics enthusiast has a broad experience designing and programming IoT custom solutions for solving industrial needs, applying safe, comfortable and efficient methodologies.

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